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Bible Study for Beginners: 7 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

From the moment I heard him teach, I knew I wanted to be just like him.

I was the first to sign up for the Bible Study for Beginners class our new pastor offered in our small-town church. I listened with rapt attention as Pastor Peter opened the Scriptures and began teaching from 1 Peter, verse by verse

and line by line. His sprawling cursive filled the whiteboard as he linked passages from other parts of the Bible to the verses we studied. To my sheer astonishment, every time

someone raised a hand and asked a question, he confidently flipped the pages of his well-worn Bible and quickly found the answer. He knew his way around the Bible better than anyone I’d ever met.

I wanted to be just like him. His zeal for the Word of God was infectious.

It was there in that Bible study class that I told the Lord I would do whatever it took to acquire a deep knowledge and love for His Word. And so, I started a journey that would last a lifetime.

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