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Scripture & Story podcast

The greatest story ever told
is the one found on the pages of Scripture.

God's story is one seamless grand narrative of redemption, full of mystery and adventure, passion and heartache, unlikely people with impossible callings, and unimaginable plot twists. Every page points to Jesus Christ. And quite remarkably, we find our stories on the pages of His story.


Scripture & Story is a space where together we will immerse ourselves in God’s Story, not to accumulate fun facts we can share over charcuterie boards, but so we can encounter the living God.


In a thousand ways, God is writing a story of redemption with our lives. He is turning our grief into joy, our disappointment into fulfillment, and our fear into faith. As you listen, you will gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture and discover how God’s story transforms yours.

Let's meet on the pages of God's Word!


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