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Cultivating Spiritual Habits that Deepen Your Relationship With Jesus

In the midst of our busy lives, it's important to carve out time for nurturing our spiritual connection with Jesus. Establishing intentional spiritual habits can help us foster a deeper relationship, grow in faith, and experience His presence more intimately. Whether you're new to this journey or seeking to refresh your walk with Him, here are some practical steps to help you establish spiritual habits that draw you closer to Jesus.

Start with Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of our relationship with Jesus. As a direct line of communication, prayer is the way we express our gratitude to Him, share our concerns, and seek guidance. Inviting Jesus into every aspect of our daily lives through prayer draws us into His presence and deepens our relationship with Him.

Engage in Scripture Reading

While prayer is us talking to Jesus, the Bible is His communication with us. The Holy Spirit speaks through the Word of God to communicate the heart of God. As we are intentional about daily interaction with the Bible, meditating on it's truths, our connection with Jesus will strengthen.

Keep a Journal

The practice of recording your thoughts, prayers, and insights helps you process your spiritual journey over time. It also serves as a record of God's faithfulness to you. Even if you are not naturally a writer, jotting down point form notes of your time with God can be helpful in processing and retaining truth.

Cultivate a Life of Worship

Our highest purpose and greatest calling in this life is to bring glory to God. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, and so we who are Christ-followers worship Him in every area of our lives. We can worship Him through song and dance, through testimonies and stories, and through our daily work. When all of life is surrendered as an offering to God, all of it becomes worship.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude shifts our focus to all the blessings we have been given by our good and gracious Heavenly Father. Intentionally cultivating a heart of thanksgiving brings us closer to the heart of Jesus.

Seek Community

The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Seek other believers in your church or small group to do life with. Spiritual friendships are beautiful places for prayer and shared experiences. Community is vital for encouragement, accountability, and growth.

Serve Others

Jesus modelled servanthood and calls us to lay down our lives for other people. Intentionally look for opportunities to bless the people in your life with acts of kindness. By serving others you emulate Christ's sacrificial love and compassion.

Establishing spiritual habits takes time, dedication, and consistency. Remember that your journey with the Lord is unique, so adjust these ideas to fit your personality and schedule. The goal is not to create rules but to cultivate a heartfelt relationship with Jesus that grows deeper with each passing day. As you commit to these habits, you'll find yourself drawing closer to Him and experiencing His transformative love.


What if you and I walked away from our prayer times having sensed God's nearness?

This one-year prayer journal guides you through 6 steps of prayer. The weekly format allows you to focus on prayer items for a particular week. Jot down a few sentences for each section, and use it as a reference as you are praying. There is also a section to record how God speaks to you and answers your prayers.

Your journal will become a sweet keepsake to reflect back on for years to come. Let's be devoted to prayer!


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