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Find the Perfect Bible

I'm a collector of Bibles. (There could be worse things to collect, right?!)

I'm always in search of the perfect Bible, and there are so many to choose from. Different translations and different looks and feels can make the search for the perfect Bible a wee bit overwhelming. So I'm here to help!

Here are 5 of my favourite Bibles:

I have had my eye on this Bible for a long time, and I'm so happy to add it to my collection. The ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible features a blank page for note-taking across from every page of biblical text. It's a note-takers dream! The one thing that surprised me is that the blank page is on the opposite side each time you turn the page. The only thing I wish were different would be the text to be a little larger. But otherwise, this is a fantastic Bible!

This is the product description: "Patterned after the Bible that Jonathan Edwards, the 18th-century preacher and theologian, used to record more than 5,000 notes about God's Word, the ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition features a full, blank page next to every page of Bible text. Created for Bible readers looking for as much space as possible for sermon notes, personal reflections, prayers, or artwork, this edition features cream-colored paper and a durable binding to ensure that it lasts a lifetime."

Concerning the translation, Lifeway says, "The English Standard Version (ESV) is an essentially literal translation of the Bible in contemporary English. Created by a team of more than 100 leading evangelical scholars and pastors, the ESV Bible emphasizes ‘word-for-word’ accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning.”

This is my standard go-to Bible for my daily Bible study. It's perfect for those who wish to annotate the text and take notes in the margin. And the ESV is a popular, trusted, word for word translation.

This is the product description: "The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Large Print features the same high-quality Bible paper and two-inch ruled margins as the original ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, but now with larger, 9-point text size. This new edition is an ideal large-print Bible with plenty of space for notes, prayers, reflections, or artwork."

For commentary on the ESV translation, see above.

This set of Scripture journals features one book of the Bible per journal. They have the biblical text on one side of the page and a blank page opposite for journaling. They come in colour or black and gold. They are available in ESV and CSB. The books are also available for purchase individually. These are perfect for the person who wants to journal extensively but doesn't want to carry around a bulky Bible.

This is the product description: "ESV Scripture Journals pair the text of individual books of the New Testament with lightly lined blank pages opposite each page of biblical text. This allows readers to take extended notes or record insights and prayers directly beside corresponding passages of Scripture. This edition features the entire New Testament set, and is great for personal Bible reading and reflection, small-group study, or taking notes through a sermon series."

This Bible is so pretty! A beautiful combination of blue and tan with a floral design and stitching on the cover makes this Bible attractive and appealing. The large print uses 9-point font and the wide margins are perfect for journaling.

This is the product description: "The NIV Journal the Word Bible, Large Print allows you to creatively express yourself every day with plenty of room for notes or verse art journaling next to your treasured verses. This single-column large print edition features thick cream-coloured paper with lightly ruled lines in the extra-wide margins, perfect to reflect on God's Word and enhance your study."

The NIV is a timeless, trusted translation of the Bible and is more of a dynamic thought for thought translation. Lifeway says, “The New International Version began with one man’s vision for a faithful rendering of the Bible in contemporary English and today is the world’s best selling modern English translation of the Bible that delivers the best combination of accuracy and readability.”

This Bible is function and practical. It has wide margins with lines for journaling and features the Filament Bible app.

This is the product description: "The NLT Wide Margin Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition provides God's Word to you in a single-column format with spacious margins for you to write down your thoughts and prayers or express yourself creatively next to your favorite passages. This journaling Bible, combined with the Filament Bible app, will help you to explore and understand Scripture for all that God intended for it to be! The Filament Bible app turns this Bible into a powerful study and devotional experience, enabling you to use your mobile phone or tablet to connect every page of this Bible to a vast array of related content, including study notes, devotionals, interactive maps, informative videos, and worship music. For no additional cost, purchase, size or weight, you will have access to a wealth of information and resources from the very page you are reading without cluttering up your Bible.

Concerning the translation, Lifeway says, “The New Living Translation combines the latest biblical scholarship with a clear, dynamic writing style that communicates God’s Word powerfully to all who hear and read it. It renders the message of the original texts of Scripture into clear, contemporary English that was written to be read aloud. With a focus on clarity, The New Living Translation invites readers to go deeper into the biblical text to discover God’s story for their lives and the world.”

I hope you are able to find the Bible that's perfect for you!

And if you have recommendations of other great Bibles, I would love to hear them!


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